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AgileX is a virtual Lean, Agile and DevOps conference catering to the African Continent. Our mission as lifelong learners is to make the learning experience as engaging and enriching as possible for our delegates so that they can walk away inspired and ready to catalyze change in their environments.

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Our speakers are well versed in their field and excited to share their knowledge.

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Accelerating return on our investments, continual team and organizational improvement, collaboration, customer centricity, reducing risk have always been important - even more so in the current environment, these enablers seem even increasingly critical. It's clear that the current shift in global priorities demand companies to be more strategically agile than ever before. The importance of dominating the fourth industrial revolution is now prevalent in progressive companies, further widening the gap between participants and spectators.

Running companies Lean through vessels like DevOps and Agile, are now more important than ever as strategy not only to flourish but for survival. Whether you're just starting out in agile or have years of experience, please join us at AgileX 2020 where our theme is “Stepping into the 4th Industrial Revolution -  Possibilities Re-imagined”.

As we enter the third decade of the Agile Manifesto our agenda this year is set to cover how agile transformation programs have changed through this period and re-imagine the importance of cultural and emotional intelligence to new ways of work.

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