Launch of the AgileX Site

AgileX Launch

Launch of the AgileX Site

We’re pleased to be live from 7 September 2020 with our MVP version of the website. In this article we’ll have a quick look at where we are now and where we’re headed (with your help).

On launch we don’t have any speakers confirmed for the conference nor do we have a schedule confirmed. This is by design, as we want to work with our audience (you!) to curate the best content possible for the short amount of time we’ll have together.

Our immediate plans for AgileX and confirming content and speakers are:

  • Work with our audience to identify
    • hot topics by aggregating pain points that people in the industry are experiencing
    • interesting, passionate, knowledgeable, practical, motivating speakers

How you can help shape AgileX

You can help us identify common themes with high interest by telling us your top 2 pain-points that you currently experiencing as an Agile or Lean practitioner here.

If you have a favorite speaker in mind feel free to nominate them here.

More about AgileX

  • Conference Theme: Stepping into the 4th Industrial Revolution –  Possibilities Re-imagined
  • Proposed conference schedule here
  • To nominate a topic or speaker please do that here
  • Please subscribe to our newsletter here to stay current with developments here at AgileX (max 2 mails per month, one per day in conference week)

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