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Cliff Pollan

CEO: Welo - The New Way to Work


Cliff is a CEO, entrepreneur and business executive whose success has come from building and leading outstanding teams, creating trusted relationships, identifying new market opportunities, and working with vision and integrity. Throughout his career, Cliff has combined new technologies with information to create solutions that dramatically change the way people work. He has been part of the founding team that went from an idea to IPO, scaled early stage companies, led challenging turnarounds to create success, as well as experiencing failure. He draws on 40 years of experience, spotting opportunities to capitalize on technology innovations, leveraging his customer centric approach. As a Co-Founder and then CEO of NewsEdge Corporation, Cliff was part of the core team that created the first live news alerting service resulting in its successful IPO and ultimately $500M valuation. From his early days on Route 128 and then on to Kendall Square when it was first becoming home to tech, Cliff was the Director of Sales at Lotus Development, having joined from the sale of Isys Corporation where he was a member of the management team. MCliff served as CEO for Sococo, a software company whose product replicated the benefits of a physical office in the cloud, serving large enterprises that were employing Agile methods, achieving over 100% growth and landing Fortune 100 companies as clients. Cliff was a co-founder of What DId the Doctor Say, which helped improve doctor patient communication and was acquired by PatientsLikeMe. Cliff was part of the leadership team involved in the acquisition and integration of PatientsLikeMe into UnitedHealth Group. Cliff is now a co-founder of Welo.

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The 4th Revolution - How not to suck at meetings?

  • 6 October, 2021
  • 2:30pm - 3:00pm